One of the most effective ways to deliver your products and services to a wide audience is the Bulk SMS service.


Whats is Bulk SMS?

One of the most effective ways to deliver your products or services to a wide audience is the Bulk SMS service. This service provided by Naxtel is an easy way to establish a fast and profitable connection between your customers and your company. With the service, you can send bulk or individual messages to your customers or target audience at any time, from anywhere. When using the bulk SMS service, you can select the audience according to the segments you want to send information to using the criteria below.

How can I use the bulk SMS service?

To use the bulk SMS service, you can manage your account by entering the username and password provided by Naxtel. In the section you log in, you can control the number of SMS, list and contacts, as well as SMS history. By entering the customer base in this section, it is possible to send SMS texts to the assigned numbers individually or in bulk. According to SMS standards, 140 characters, and when using Azerbaijani letters, 70 characters are considered 1 SMS.


Selection of subscribers by age category. You can determine the age category to which the product or service is suitable with this criterion.
Selection of subscribers by sex. You can select male and female subscribers separately and send your information according to the desired category.
Selection of subscribers by area. This criterion allows the customer to sort by area of registration. By choosing this criterion, you can connect more quickly with customers in the area that is convenient for you.
Selection of subscribers for payment. This criterion is based on the subscriber's monthly balance downloads. This criterion will help you find customers with a budget that matches the prices of your products and inform them about your products and services.
Rouming users
Bulk SMS can be sent to roaming subscribers during this period using this criterion. It is enough to choose this criterion.
Internet users
This criterion can be selected in order to send SMS to subscribers who actively use mobile internet.

Contact for SMS prices and other information:

Address: Nakhchivan city, Heydar Aliyev, 3/ AZ7000

Tel: (036) 550-83-82

E-mail: info@naxtel.az

Call Center: 299


  • The minimum number of SMS ordered must be 5,000.
  • If you choose any of the above criteria, an additional 0.01 AZN will be charged for each SMS.