Naxtel presented a new "Limitsiz" tariff package.

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha and the launch of a new “Limitsiz” tariff plan, Naxtel hosted a big performance at Saat Meydanı, one of Nakhchivan’s new architectural beauties, on August 11, 2019. The concert program was noteworthy with the distribution of several prizes, intriguing dances by the Friends Rhythm Group, Robot display, quiz, live performances by singer Zamig Huseynov, and a lottery at the end of the concert after the host Shahriyar Abilov addressed the crowd. Each Naxtel subscriber who attended the performance also received a 30-minute on-net call and 1GB of the Internet, as well as a “participation code” to enter the lottery by writing an “hour field” and sending an SMS to 6060. The “Friends Rhythm Group,” made up of local dancers and drummers, put everyone in a good mood with their performances at the event. Naxtel announced a new “Limitsiz” tariff package at the concert for those who enjoy a lot of communication. The new fee was explained to concertgoers, and booklets were provided. This tariff includes daily L1, weekly L7, monthly L30 packages. For a nominal service cost, you can join this tariff and activate any of the packages, which include unlimited calls and SMS on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You can learn more about the tariff here.

Seven customers who correctly answered the Naxtel questions were given two-person discount certificates to Cho-Cha, Chefm, Bullet, Koshebashi, Batumi, and Tabriz panoramic restaurants, as well as two complimentary movie tickets.


Following then, the concert participants had a fun time seeing the Robot display. Zamig Huseynov, a vocalist, offered the audience an incredible night with live performances that appealed to everyone, from the youngest to the elderly, at the event.


Two Huawei phones, two Mifi, a prestige number, various valuable gifts, and a two-person travel certificate to Batumi were won in the lottery at the end of the concert.

Limitsiz tarif paketinin timiqdimatı

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