"Endirimli Turbo"

From July 5, each subscriber who applied to the Sales and Service centers of Naxtel and reactivated the deactivated number, within 6 months can use the “Endirimli Turbo” campaign.
The Internet packages offered as part of the “Endirimli Turbo” campaign are listed in the table below:

Package name

Package price

Key word

Validity period

Endirimli Turbo 5 GB

5 ₼


30 days

Endirimli  Turbo 10 GB

8 ₼


30 days

Endirimli  Turbo 20 GB

10 ₼


30 days

Endirimli  Turbo 40 GB

12 ₼


30 days

The subscriber can activate only one of the above packages with a discount for every 30 days from the moment of activation of the deactivated number.


  • The campaign does not apply to subscribers who voluntarily deactivate their number.
  • If a number is transferred to another person’s name during the campaign, the campaign is automatically suspended for that number.
  • The campaign is valid within the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.
  • If a subscriber’s number is closed unilaterally during a campaign, the campaign will be automatically suspended for that number. In order to use the campaign for 6 months, the number line must be open in two directions.
  • You can join the “Endirimli Turbo” packages by sending an SMS with the appropriate “keyword” to 6060.
  • To get detailed information about the internet balance, send an SMS with the keyword “Bonus” to 6060 or *6060#YES.
  • The campaign is valid until December 31.