Sale of 4G Mifi devices on credit

Naxtel sells HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi devices on economic credit terms. You can get the portable device that many users use at the same time from the Naxtel Customer Service Center in Nakhchivan.

Credit terms:

HUAWEI Mobile Wi-Fi devices are available on a 6-month loan with a 25 manat monthly payment. In addition, 20 GB of the internet will be free in the first month and 10 GB over the next 5 months.

Required documents:

1. Identity card

2. Certificate of employment (must indicate work experience and salary)

3. A guarantor and his identity card



  • The bonuses are only available for 30 days and only within the Autonomous Republic.
  • The validity period of the bonuses offered when selling a 4G Mi-Fi device on credit is calculated from the date of the loan.
  • The extra internet traffic is granted based on the loan date if the next month’s loan payment is made before the loan date.